Everything you need to know about sunglasses and eyeglasses

Glasses have long since been an emblematic accessory, a symbol of certain people and certain styles. Think Jackie O or Brigitte Bardot and their oversized square shades. Think Gandhi or John Lennon and their small round frames. There are so many looks characterised by certain frames, like the secretary look with her classic timeless style, the boho look from the 70s with all the colours. There are the movie stars

6+1 tips for more energy when trying to lose weight

Losing body fat is the main purpose of every diet. Every healthy eating advice aims to reduce fat and reduce it fast! We have all tried diets with various degrees of success and the problem we often encounter is the lack of energy. We want to reduce fat. Not our energy levels. In fact, we want to increase our energy levels so we can go to the gym more often!

Secrets of the preppy look today

The preppy look and its history Born around 1912 the preppy look draws inspiration from the Ivy League style of dress at Universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. It soon became a trademark for students in the US and all over the world. About 50 years later, in the 50s the preppy look moved from college championships and University classes to the street. It became part of every day dressing,

8 things you need when you travel abroad

Here is a list of the things you are going to need when travelling abroad. Some might sound strange, but you definitely need them. Even if you don’t know about it yet. Read on and take notes! Copies of your personal documents You know that you need your boarding pass and your passport. And you know that you better not lose them. So, get prepared and only carry with you